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5G Conspiracy Theories With 5 Major Reasons 5G Is A Threat To Humanity

I came across an article on the causes of Corona virus with mixed feelings and I thought I should learn my voice on this.

Firstly, for those who don’t understand the meaning of 5G, it is called 5th Generation Of Mobile Communication.

5G is a ‘Gigantic Quantum leap”. It means massive infastructure upgrade as have never seen before with an ocean of Antennas that can cause radiation sunamis.

Huawei Built 5G Satellites in china

So, for 5G to work effeciently in our society,

  1. There must be microwaves antennas present everywhere
  2. There must be Dramatic increase in the radiation intensity. It is also very important to note that the Global Pandemic originated from China in a town call Wuhan as a result of a lab test conducted on Bat-Blood stains. The question is why is 5G the cause of Corona virus ? Are there any link to support this ascertion? Can China as a potential World Country release this killer virus to cover up their tracks knowing fully well the adverse effects of 5G to lives and property? The answer is simply YES! Please allow me to explain my views in just few points below and then you can deduce your conclusions from this exerpt. Anytime China invent new technology that are always with adverse to Humanity, they cover up their tracks with Virus. It happened when we had 1G, 2G, 3G and 4G. Now we are entering into another realm of digital world of 5G, humanity begin to suffer from another killer virus, Covid19. 5G is an internet of things and the forecast is that by the end of 2022, all household would have been connected to 5G. Do you know why? 5G networks can see through walls and houses leading to digital control of every persons. With 5G, every moving objects can be controlled or tracked by means of microwaves. Guess what, these can paralise us Spiritually, mentally and physically. First it was Cashless economy with the believe that carrying cash was outdated hence the creation of a chip all modified into a flat plastic call ATM Cards. I concluded with my points that: I. 5G represents a considerable hazard for the physical integrity of humans and Animals. II. 5G is a threat to our lives and freedom ( because it comes with bunch of microwaves antenna Jungles. III. 5G Pave ways for a survellance dictatorship of such an extent that not even George Ornell could have anticipated it. IV. 5G is danger to our physical integrity as people who are exposed to it might begin to shake, fall down and die as a result of it’s high radiation.
Bat-Blood Mixture in China Birth Corona Virus
A Doctor in Wuhan, China attending to Corona virus Victims

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