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#dblockanny: 8 Must Eat Fruit That Will Boost Your Sex Drive

Alot have been making and requesting for ways to improve their sexual scientists have linked varieties of foods that can help boost sex drive.

The word “aphrosidiacs” is named after Aphrodite,the ancient greek goodesss of love.

therefore, foods that can improve your sex drive are commonly called “Aphrosidiacs”

They are:

  1. Avacado – it contains folic acid and vitamin B6 which are neccessary for a healthy sex drive.
  2. Watermelon- it improves men’s erection and increases sex does so much more than replenishing your body fluid.
  3. Almonds- they contains arginine which improves circulation and relaxes blood also helps to maintain an erection
  4. walnuts- they are also rich in amino acid that increases the production of nitric oxide,which relaxes blood vessels.
  5. Oysters- they have been associated with sex drive. Oysters are high in zinc ,which is essential for proper functioning of the male reproductive system.
  6. Bananas- also helps to increase and improves sex drives.
  7. Potassium-helps increase muscle strenght and contraction, achieving orgasms.
  8. Tiger-Nuts- have been used as an alternative medicine for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and related helps in vitamin E and also helps in men fertility helps to boost sperm count and also improves its thickness.

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